Paul Boisvert, PhD
Weight Loss Coach
Doctor in exercise sciences

  • Doctor in Exercise Physiology (Ph.D., CEP-CSEP, FTOS)
  • Obesity and Healthy Food Specialist (FTOS)
  • Kinésiologist (FKQ)
Professional Activities
Commitees and Associations

Doctor in exercise physiology and kinesiologist, Paul Boisvert is a professional in the area of physical activity, a specialist of healthy eating and obesity . Coordinator of educational activities at Université Laval ‘s research chair in obesity from 1998 to 2013, and administrative adjunct for Groupe interdisciplinaire de recherche sur l’obésité (GIROUL) since 2000, Paul Boisvert wrote the first two scientific position statements for Kino-Québec scientific committee on physical activity in adults and youth.

Paul is a well respected event planner and manager (symposia, scientific conferences, congress, continuous education). He produces by-monthly press review newsletter in English and in French on the causes, the consequences, the treatment and prevention of obesity.

He initiated a high school healthy eating policy project, which was a model for 3000 schools with the policy framework called « Pour un virage santé à l’école » initiated by the Quebec government.  Spoke person for Fédération des kinésiologues du Québec, Paul has the mandate to promote the role of the kinesiologist as a physical activity professional managing chronic diseases.

Dr Boisvert participates in numerous expert committees (practical guide for obesity treatment in children, promotion of healthy lifestyle, etc.) Experienced communicator, Dr Boisvert comments regularly the news in Medias (TV, radio, newspaper) about physical activity, nutrition or obesity.  Paul is a speaker, a columnist and an appreciated educator. He started recently to do coaching in weight control with individuals. He is also a blogger for Université Laval.

During his leisure , Paul is a competitive swimmer, with more than 15 provincial records broken over the years.

weight loss coaching, physical activity and chronic diseases, nutrition and regulations (salt, trans fat, sweetened beverages, taxation), food marketing and industry, labelling, healthy food,  food environment and schools, obesity epidemiology, active transportation, sedentary lifestyle


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Main Professionnal Activities

  • Weight management coach
  • Motivational public speaker in how to reach an equilibrate life by adopting behavioural change in physical activity, healthy eating, stress management and positive attitude
  • Author-medias collaborator
  • Public Relations (comments about health-related news on obesity, nutrition and physical activity)

Other Activities

  • Press Review news letter on obesity, nutrition, and physical activity
  • Conference organiser, scientific meetings and other educational activities
  • Consultant in health and well living promotion with organizations
  • Coordinator for educational activities and Webmanager
    CIHR Obesity research Chair Université Laval, Québec  1998-2012
  • Administrative assistant - Groupe interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur l'Obésité (GIROUL), Médecine Faculty, Université Laval 2000-2012
  • Spoke person for the Federation of Kinesiologists 2008-2013




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